Where do you want to go kid?

I realized the other day that, while I only drive a cab Saturday and Sunday, I'm doing what every suburban parent is doing out there on weekends, they're driving their kids everywhere. The only difference is that when I'm shuffling people around, I get paid for it.

My son just turned 16 years of age and is now entitled to a learner's permit for his official drivers liscense, which I know he will use extensively. It will set me free of my sixteen years of weekend driving obligations to his swim meets, soccer games, birthday parties which have more then occupied the Saturdays and Sundays of  his entire life. We parents meet these obligations gladly, in order to keep our children busy, active, social and safe.

There's no meter running for these services. Ultimately, it will get passed forward and they will drive their own kids. That's the payback. Enjoy the drive Liam.

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