The Music Dude

In the back of my cab, while Seeger chomps down on his (Extreme) pizza slice, I ask him if his parents named him after Pete Seeger, the folk singer. ‘Ya, they were hippies, then they were Yippies.” He’s a 20-something dude with no clear profession from what I can tell. He’s a casual guy with electronica music seeping through his headset. “Bet this taxi goes hella fast,” he asks. I could confirm that for him but I won’t.  I’m just shuttling him around downtown San Rafael while he does a few pick-ups. “Can I plug in my iPod into your system?”  I’ll listen to his music. I crank up a piece called Sea Dreamer by sitar player Anoushka Shankar featuring Sting on vocals. It has a beautiful lyric with Karsh Kale’s tabla percussion and a very cool electronic groove. For the rest of the trip I felt emotionally transported. I pass on Seeger’s choice in music to you here.


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