The Matchmaker and the Con

  I’m always amazed at the diversity of people’s points of view. This morning I took three parolees, after their release from San Quentin prison, from the San Rafael Bus Depot where they get dropped, to the Richmond BART Station on the other side of the bay. The talkative con next to me in the front seat said he needed three things. “Coffee, Micky-Dees and pussy.” Just as informs me, I realize the homies in the black Escalade in the next lane notice my passengers. “Yup, we free now”, the con says, “Dude’s bitch must be workin’.” He figures the driver must be a pimp. I’ll bet my con’s mother never taught him to respect women.

    In the afternoon, I picked up one of our regular customers from Safeway. The elegant Pari is a matchmaker. They call her the Queen of Hearts for the 240 marriages or long-term relationships she’s facillated. ‘It’s good karma”, she says. And I have to agree. She helps to hook people up. It’s good, respectful work. It honors people and their humanity.

    I get all kinds in my cab. I try not to judge. People’s upbringing, hardships and education shape them into who they are and how they think. I just get them where they need to go.

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