Taksi with the Russians

Someone should tell these Russian Casanovas they wear too much cologne or AXE deodorant. I’m quick to realize this as I pick the two guys up after they frantically wave me down on the Bridgeway in Sausalito. Boris and Ivan are here from Moscow for two days before they fly off to LA to board their cruise down the west coast to the Panama Canal and beyond. “When it gets cold there we leave,” says Ivan. For now they just want to go back to Union Square in the city. “We couldn’t go on the seaplane for our aerial tour because the fog is keeping it grounded. Maybe when it clear,” he says. The weather has a way to keep us moving or stopping  us….one of the great variables in life. “We travel to the beach in Columbia, too”. I figure the Russians will be plenty warm there. As they leave my cab and pay, I offer some Russian, “Raspogoditsa.” (translation: The weather will be fine soon).


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