Moments of Glowing

She’s the most beautiful girl that ever got in my cab. I figure she’s 32 years of age. With long blond hair and the slightest New York accent. The black business suit she wears hangs slipshod and sexy. She holds a papercup of white wine at a tipsy angle. “They kept pouring it for me […]

Nurturing the World

 I’m driving the dude from downtown Sausalito, a little further up the Bridgeway to Le Garage. Matt’s going to have a nice Sunday brunch on the waterfront. Just as I make the turn onto Liberty Ship Way, we both set eyes on the young woman pushing her one-year-old in a stroller. She has copious and […]

New Jersey Family: Back to Reality

I’m parked at the taxi stand in Sausalito as tourists rush off the San Francisco Ferry. The New Jersey family approaches. Dad, Mom and the two kids want to go to the Marine Mammal Center. They’re so excited, especially the kids. For the past year, they’ve contributed to the Adopt-a-Seal  Program and more directly to […]