Sunday Faith

Marinspirit3 Unjun has come up from the city by bus and wants me to take her to a meditation workshop at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center  in west Marin. For Unjun, it was her first venture into bucolic Marin. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning as we glide up Sir Francis Drake Boulevard through San Anselmo and up onto the hills, past a parade of Little Leaguers in open trucks decorated with balloons. She tells me about her meditation practice and how much she’s looking forward to her experience today.
I give Mara a ride every Sunday morning from the Canal district to the old San Rafael Archangel Church  at the San Rafael Mission downtown. Mara likes the community and the sermons. Sometimes her teenage son joins her. The church and mission was built in 1817, the 20th one built in the California chain of missions. It took a lot of faith to build a church in the wilderness.
Most of us seek support and renewal through some kind of faith-based practice. I’ve never been much to run to a church for salvation but I find a walk in the woods or hearing the life lessons from the right spiritual guide helpful.
Marin is ready to provide a service or satsang with it’s plethora of religious and spiritual centers. One just needs to make the time and for many it's Sunday morning.
I'm back at the San Rafael Bus Terminal and it’s almost 10:00am. A Latina jumps in my cab. It’s a short run to the First Presbyterian Church on E Street and Fifth Avenue. I drop her there just as the clarion chimes the start of the service. I close my eyes and listen a few moments till the bells stop ringing and I head off. This is my time to let the faith in.

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