Sausalito Elephants

Plaza Vina Del Mar is a convenient meeting place
for visitors or for locals. As you walk from the Bay, it sits at a
corner along Bridgeway Avenue.

People bide their time here,
taking a break from shopping or just to enjoy an ice cream cone while
planning out their visit.

This fountain originally made its
appearance at the 1915 Pan-Pacific International Exposition. It was
designed by William B. Faville of Bliss & Faville. It sits on land
given to the city by North Shore Railroad in 1904.

In 1977, the
fountain received new life when it was completely recast and restored
through private resident donations. It was rededicated in 1978 and is
part of the historic district of Sausalito. The plaza welcomes one and
all to this great Bayside town.

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