Nurturing the World

 I’m driving the dude from downtown Sausalito, a little further up the Bridgeway to Le Garage. Matt’s going to have a nice Sunday brunch on the waterfront. Just as I make the turn onto Liberty Ship Way, we both set eyes on the young woman pushing her one-year-old in a stroller. She has copious and well-formed bosoms. “Wow”, I exclaim. I wouldn’t normally do that but for the fact that they are extraordinary and I sense Matt in the back is a comrade and appreciates the female form as I do. “The nice weather brings out the breasts", he says. "Yup", I agree. "That Mom is nurturing the world.” He adds,” It’s a beautiful thing.” I drop Matt at the restaurant. He gives me $20 for a $6 fare. That’s a moment worth savoring, I think.

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