Moving On

For years Verma has lived on a boat at the Loch Lomond Marina. As I hold the cab door open for her and the many plastic bags she carries, I notice how tattered she looks and how life seems to have treated her rough. But as I turn the meter on and pull away, our conversation belies the visual impression I have. She tells me she’s off via several buses and trains on her first trip ever outside of California. She’s meeting her carnie boyfriend in Austin, Texas where they will be considering marriage. “I’m excited”, she says. “I may finally get to sell my boat”. It sounds like she has a future plan, but as conversations trend deeper, she’s sharing some family history. “I’m still getting over the death of my mother and sister. I got a lot of grief counseling”. To me it sounds like she’s moving on. It’s a good thing to actively step away from the sad and familiar. Let the past wish the future well. I drop her and her bags at the San Rafael Bus Depot and wish her on her way. I switch the car into idle and watch as traffic moves past me.

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