Moments Both Active and Idle

Sometimes I dislike the person I become when cab driving becomes stalled. Today is a slow day with a glut of drivers and too much idle time for all. This makes me feel competitive and petty. It ages me. I see the other drivers and they seem gray and hunched over. I don’t want to turn into that. On the other hand, what keeps me feeling younger is the exchanges I have with people who sit in the back seat. I like the openness I develop when I meet new people and personalities. When this gig works, I get to listen to new stories and that enriches me. It should never be just about facilitating people and their racing to get to where they need to go. On slow and doubting days like this, I must learn to let myself pause. So the best practice for me is to park and draw. Here’s one I did at the Corte Madera Marsh.


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