Managing Relationships

have always intrigued me. My fares today provided some insight into how relationships
can work well.  I had the opportunity to drive a husband and wife to the
San Francisco Airport…at different times. In the time it took me to drive each
one of them from Sausalito to SFO, I learned how this skilled couple manages to navigate
their extraordinary lives with tremendous love to successful results.


He runs a
British online media hub and she’s a healer and psychologist. He was on his way
to London for meetings about how to best monetize his content offerings. She
was on her way to Patagonia, Arizona to a 7-day fast. I talked with him about
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and with her about Carl Jung. He shared that
he was successfully treating his Parkinson’s disease with naturopathic
remedies. She told me about the devastating argument she had on the beach with
her daughter. Today they travel in two different directions in the world. I’m
impressed with how they both manage to accommodate each other’s passions and
unique contributions.

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