Keepin’ it Secure

Kyle “You gotta report every incident,” says Kyle, while on his 5:00am to 2:00pm shift as the security guard at the San Rafael Transportation Hub. “I can’t do much with the dealers here but ask them which bus they intend to be on soon.”

To me, this place, at times, can be a nexus for drug dealers, prostitutes, trannies, and people who just show blatant disregard for the place. Like the homeless guy who took a crap on the waiting room floor, last night. Kyle has a more enligthened attitude. He tells me he’s working on his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice at Sonoma State and that he's also on the waiting list for the CHP Academy. “I figure I’m learning stuff I can use later. When it’s slow and there are no buses here, I’ll just sit in my booth and read through every report and have a good laugh.”  I imagine that’s not a bad a way to cope.

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