Keep it Up, Hooligans

Hooligans Outside the Mayflower Pub on 4th Street, the crowd of colored and face-painted in red, blue and white soccer hooligans gather to celebrate the tie the US team managed to pull off in the first game in their World Cup series against England. Not bad for us underdogs.  “USA, USA, USA,” they all chant. The game was televised on the big screen inside and the extra Porta-Potty is set up outside. It’s 1:00 in the afternoon and the copious beer they drink gets them peeing a lot.  Maybe one of these drunks needs to be driven home in a cab to sleep it off? I dig that cool white jersey with the coat-of-arms the England team wears that one of them wears. I also notice the San Rafael police are looming.The fans are behaving themselves now. The World Cup runs a month long.

Who knows how long we’ll be in it and how long the fans can keep this up. Sometimes I wonder how long I can keep this up?

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