Henry has Soul and No Teeth

Henry and his buddy Dave struggle out of the halfway house in the Canal district of San Rafael. Henry has soul and no teeth. He also carries a cane and uses our cabs regularly. They need a lift to the 7-Eleven for burritos and to Al’s Liquors for refreshments. They smell for lack of bathing. Both are ‘down-and-outers’ but for now have a roof over their head and money for cab fare. During the ride, while Dave remains silent, Henry talks non-stop and cracks off-color jokes. Being toothless makes him almost unintelligible. He tells me he just got out of a 90-day rehab. I wonder to myself what that might mean. I figure it’s for alcoholism for obvious reasons. “I lived in a room I can only describe as a fucking cell”, he points out. I imagine his present abode can’t be much better. Funny and sad this one. They live life like they have the plague…segregated and bottom feeding. I get a $5 tip from Henry. I bid him well till next time.

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