No Patience for the Garage Sale Gent

‘Geez,” I uttered under my breath, after the gent says, “drop me here, drop me here, I’ll walk.”
Disconcerted was the feeling I felt, after the numerous other commands, directions and opinions he barked at me as we drove up into the hills behind Dominican University in San Rafael.
“Sure you don’t want a ride the rest of the way,” I said.
“Nope,” he says stroking the ornate handle of his cane, jiggling his turquoise necklace and oozing some odd cologne. “For this garage sale, I don’t want them to see me arriving in a taxi….get better prices that way.’
“Whatever,” I muttered.
“Here you go,” he says as he hands me $9. (no tip) for the drive and my attempts at patience.
“Great, fine, thanks. Hope you fine some treasure.” I say, as he exits with my foot poised on the gas pedal. I try to be nice.
Half way down the block I say, “Geez” out loud this time. I notice the garage sale gentleman has left the odor of his cheap perfume in my cab. “Geez,” I announce, one more time, to no one but me.

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  1. Just found your Cabbie Blog through The San Fransisco Urban Sketchers. Really am enjoying it and the sketches and am glad that you have a feed to my Google Reader.

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