Where do you want to go?

Illustrator Bill Russell drove a cab for a couple of years. These posts below are an archive of that experience. View that archive by clicking the icon on the top left of the page. Contact Bill via email. Visit ProfileReportage.com for more visual journalism.

No Patience for the Garage Sale Gent

‘Geez,” I uttered under my breath, after the gent says, “drop me here, drop me here, I’ll walk.” Disconcerted was the feeling I felt, after the numerous other commands, directions and opinions he barked at me as we drove up into the hills behind Dominican University in San Rafael. “Sure you don’t want a ride the rest […]

Sausalito Elephants

Plaza Vina Del Mar is a convenient meeting place for visitors or for locals. As you walk from the Bay, it sits at a corner along Bridgeway Avenue. People bide their time here, taking a break from shopping or just to enjoy an ice cream cone while planning out their visit. This fountain originally made […]

Taksi with the Russians

Someone should tell these Russian Casanovas they wear too much cologne or AXE deodorant. I’m quick to realize this as I pick the two guys up after they frantically wave me down on the Bridgeway in Sausalito. Boris and Ivan are here from Moscow for two days before they fly off to LA to board […]

Moving On

For years Verma has lived on a boat at the Loch Lomond Marina. As I hold the cab door open for her and the many plastic bags she carries, I notice how tattered she looks and how life seems to have treated her rough. But as I turn the meter on and pull away, our […]