Radiation is Released

What is it about the all the rants and radiation that’s getting released these days? The reactor core of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan couldn’t be kept cool due to Tsunami-related damage and may cause a meltdown and the release of deadly radiation. The plant’s technology and backup systems may prove to be inadequate. […]

Bad Day for Cabbie

I watch the cab driver ahead of me in line at the taxi stand as he furtively crams this guy’s bicycle and some other grimy items including a rusty toolbox, a backpack and a three-foot length of 4-inch PVC pipe, containing fishing poles and reels. It amazes me that he can fit it all in […]

Moments of Glowing

She’s the most beautiful girl that ever got in my cab. I figure she’s 32 years of age. With long blond hair and the slightest New York accent. The black business suit she wears hangs slipshod and sexy. She holds a papercup of white wine at a tipsy angle. “They kept pouring it for me […]

Beat Up

    Ben sticks his bruised and battered head in the window of my cab and says he wants to know if I take cards and“How much (is it) to Sleepy Hollow?”
“Yes and about $15,” I answer. “OK,” Ben responds as he carefully and painfully eases into the back seat.
“How’d you get so banged up?” I ask. […]

Keep it Up, Hooligans

Outside the Mayflower Pub on 4th Street, the crowd of colored and face-painted in red, blue and white soccer hooligans gather to celebrate the tie the US team managed to pull off in the first game in their World Cup series against England. Not bad for us underdogs.  “USA, USA, USA,” they all chant. The […]

Keepin’ it Secure

“You gotta report every incident,” says Kyle, while on his 5:00am to 2:00pm shift as the security guard at the San Rafael Transportation Hub. “I can’t do much with the dealers here but ask them which bus they intend to be on soon.” To me, this place, at times, can be a nexus for drug […]

Nurturing the World

 I’m driving the dude from downtown Sausalito, a little further up the Bridgeway to Le Garage. Matt’s going to have a nice Sunday brunch on the waterfront. Just as I make the turn onto Liberty Ship Way, we both set eyes on the young woman pushing her one-year-old in a stroller. She has copious and […]

George’s Whales

The Marin City bus that whizzes by me is known as the whale bus for the large-scale humpbacks painted on the sides. My friend George Sumner painted them. He and I have an art space in the same building in Terra Linda. His is more of a gallery where he showcases his paintings of whales, […]

Walkin’ to Oregon

I get into a conversation at Vista Point, at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge with an Irishman who’s walking from Santa Cruz to the Oregon border. His name is Major Finbar O’Shaughnessy of Hollywood, Ireland, which is just outside Dublin. Even though he’s sweating up a storm after five days journey with […]