Moments of Glowing

She’s the most beautiful girl that ever got in my cab. I figure she’s 32 years of age. With long blond hair and the slightest New York accent. The black business suit she wears hangs slipshod and sexy. She holds a papercup of white wine at a tipsy angle. “They kept pouring it for me […]

The Matchmaker and the Con

  I’m always amazed at the diversity of people’s points of view. This morning I took three parolees, after their release from San Quentin prison, from the San Rafael Bus Depot where they get dropped, to the Richmond BART Station on the other side of the bay. The talkative con next to me in the […]

Managing Relationships

Relationships have always intrigued me. My fares today provided some insight into how relationships can work well.  I had the opportunity to drive a husband and wife to the San Francisco Airport…at different times. In the time it took me to drive each one of them from Sausalito to SFO, I learned how this skilled […]