Keepin’ it Secure

“You gotta report every incident,” says Kyle, while on his 5:00am to 2:00pm shift as the security guard at the San Rafael Transportation Hub. “I can’t do much with the dealers here but ask them which bus they intend to be on soon.” To me, this place, at times, can be a nexus for drug […]

Nurturing the World

 I’m driving the dude from downtown Sausalito, a little further up the Bridgeway to Le Garage. Matt’s going to have a nice Sunday brunch on the waterfront. Just as I make the turn onto Liberty Ship Way, we both set eyes on the young woman pushing her one-year-old in a stroller. She has copious and […]

George’s Whales

The Marin City bus that whizzes by me is known as the whale bus for the large-scale humpbacks painted on the sides. My friend George Sumner painted them. He and I have an art space in the same building in Terra Linda. His is more of a gallery where he showcases his paintings of whales, […]

Going Once, Going Twice…

I picked up Marilyn at her vintage Arts and Crafts home (with restored tower) in a beautiful section of San Anselmo. She’s an antique dealer who needs to go to the San Rafael Auction Gallery at 5th and Hetherton. Oddly enough, I’d been at the same auction house earlier in the day. I was eyeing […]

Sunday Faith

Unjun has come up from the city by bus and wants me to take her to a meditation workshop at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center  in west Marin. For Unjun, it was her first venture into bucolic Marin. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning as we glide up Sir Francis Drake Boulevard through San Anselmo and […]

Walkin’ to Oregon

I get into a conversation at Vista Point, at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge with an Irishman who’s walking from Santa Cruz to the Oregon border. His name is Major Finbar O’Shaughnessy of Hollywood, Ireland, which is just outside Dublin. Even though he’s sweating up a storm after five days journey with […]

The Music Dude

In the back of my cab, while Seeger chomps down on his (Extreme) pizza slice, I ask him if his parents named him after Pete Seeger, the folk singer. ‘Ya, they were hippies, then they were Yippies.” He’s a 20-something dude with no clear profession from what I can tell. He’s a casual guy with […]

Bipolar Express

I pick up people up in my cab and for a very brief time get a slice of their life.  Nathaniel tells me he writes a blog called Bipolar Express about his life with bipolar disorder. He shares his coping strategies in order to inform and even bring humor to it. It educates and entertains […]

The Matchmaker and the Con

  I’m always amazed at the diversity of people’s points of view. This morning I took three parolees, after their release from San Quentin prison, from the San Rafael Bus Depot where they get dropped, to the Richmond BART Station on the other side of the bay. The talkative con next to me in the […]