How was your Day?

I decided to drive despite the fact that I was still getting over a cold. The drug combination of Comtrex (for head and sinus), Dayquil and Tussin (for the cough and sore throat) and Mucinex (an expectorant for the phlegm) had me slightly wired. The haze in my head seemed to be manifesting in my […]

Beat Up

    Ben sticks his bruised and battered head in the window of my cab and says he wants to know if I take cards and“How much (is it) to Sleepy Hollow?”
“Yes and about $15,” I answer. “OK,” Ben responds as he carefully and painfully eases into the back seat.
“How’d you get so banged up?” I ask. […]

The Smoker

At least the cabbie ahead of me in line, steps out of his cab to light up. His vehicle continues to chug out carbon monoxide and numerous  other fluorocarbons, though. I won’t allow people to smoke in my cab. I also drive a hybrid vehicle that barely emits any harmful emissions. I want us to […]