Radiation is Released

What is it about the all the rants and radiation that’s getting released these days? The reactor core of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan couldn’t be kept cool due to Tsunami-related damage and may cause a meltdown and the release of deadly radiation. The plant’s technology and backup systems may prove to be inadequate. […]

Thank$ Larry

The biggest event of the year for San Francisco is not Halloween or even the Gay Pride Parade. It’s JavaOne, the Oracle Developers Conference. The city rolls out the red carpet for 60,000 nerds. They take over several blocks around Yerba Buena and the Moscone Center. All downtown hotel rooms are booked. They spend a […]

Sausalito Elephants

Plaza Vina Del Mar is a convenient meeting place for visitors or for locals. As you walk from the Bay, it sits at a corner along Bridgeway Avenue. People bide their time here, taking a break from shopping or just to enjoy an ice cream cone while planning out their visit. This fountain originally made […]