Bipolar Express

I pick up people up in my cab and for a very brief time get a slice of their life.  Nathaniel tells me he writes a blog called Bipolar Express about his life with bipolar disorder. He shares his coping strategies in order to inform and even bring humor to it. It educates and entertains people.

He tells me he wants to break the stigma around it. “I’ve come out of the bipolar closet,” he says and adds that people just don’t get it.  “They don’t appreciate what people afflicted with bipolar disorder have to offer. DaVinci had it….so’s Ben Stiller.”  Life is tough especially with a disease like this.  I appreciate how Nat can make the point that these people are unique and can make a contribution…even excel in amazing ways. As an artist I can sympathize. We think differently and respond creatively in nontraditional ways. There’s too much dull and conventional thinking in the world, anyway.

“We’re in production on a web series that will bring the audience into the mind of what it is like to live with this affliction,” he adds. Nat is creative and proactive and wants to make a contribution. I can dig that.


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