The Architect

    As the architect gets in my cab, he tells me he needs to go back home to Philly. I tell him I’ll take him as far at the San Francisco Airport. Cab driver joke. As we’re driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, he opens up about the meeting he just had with a Japanese developer […]

Thank$ Larry

The biggest event of the year for San Francisco is not Halloween or even the Gay Pride Parade. It’s JavaOne, the Oracle Developers Conference. The city rolls out the red carpet for 60,000 nerds. They take over several blocks around Yerba Buena and the Moscone Center. All downtown hotel rooms are booked. They spend a […]

Moments of Glowing

She’s the most beautiful girl that ever got in my cab. I figure she’s 32 years of age. With long blond hair and the slightest New York accent. The black business suit she wears hangs slipshod and sexy. She holds a papercup of white wine at a tipsy angle. “They kept pouring it for me […]

No Patience for the Garage Sale Gent

‘Geez,” I uttered under my breath, after the gent says, “drop me here, drop me here, I’ll walk.” Disconcerted was the feeling I felt, after the numerous other commands, directions and opinions he barked at me as we drove up into the hills behind Dominican University in San Rafael. “Sure you don’t want a ride the rest […]

Beat Up

    Ben sticks his bruised and battered head in the window of my cab and says he wants to know if I take cards and“How much (is it) to Sleepy Hollow?”
“Yes and about $15,” I answer. “OK,” Ben responds as he carefully and painfully eases into the back seat.
“How’d you get so banged up?” I ask. […]

Keep it Up, Hooligans

Outside the Mayflower Pub on 4th Street, the crowd of colored and face-painted in red, blue and white soccer hooligans gather to celebrate the tie the US team managed to pull off in the first game in their World Cup series against England. Not bad for us underdogs.  “USA, USA, USA,” they all chant. The […]

Sausalito Elephants

Plaza Vina Del Mar is a convenient meeting place for visitors or for locals. As you walk from the Bay, it sits at a corner along Bridgeway Avenue. People bide their time here, taking a break from shopping or just to enjoy an ice cream cone while planning out their visit. This fountain originally made […]