Where do you want to go?

Illustrator Bill Russell drove a cab for a couple of years. These posts below are an archive of that experience. View that archive by clicking the icon on the top left of the page. Contact Bill via email. Visit ProfileReportage.com for more visual journalism.

Did I draw you?

I picked up Raven on 4th Street in San Rafael at 7:00 Sunday morning. She stumbled disheveled into my cab. Her vintage clothes a smelly jumbled mess of black veils.  We began a conversation. She tells me she tended bar all night and was tired waiting for the pick up from her boyfriend. When I […]

Where do you want to go kid?

I realized the other day that, while I only drive a cab Saturday and Sunday, I'm doing what every suburban parent is doing out there on weekends, they're driving their kids everywhere. The only difference is that when I'm shuffling people around, I get paid for it. My son just turned 16 years of age […]

How was your Day?

I decided to drive despite the fact that I was still getting over a cold. The drug combination of Comtrex (for head and sinus), Dayquil and Tussin (for the cough and sore throat) and Mucinex (an expectorant for the phlegm) had me slightly wired. The haze in my head seemed to be manifesting in my […]

Radiation is Released

What is it about the all the rants and radiation that’s getting released these days? The reactor core of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan couldn’t be kept cool due to Tsunami-related damage and may cause a meltdown and the release of deadly radiation. The plant’s technology and backup systems may prove to be inadequate. […]

Bad Day for Cabbie

I watch the cab driver ahead of me in line at the taxi stand as he furtively crams this guy’s bicycle and some other grimy items including a rusty toolbox, a backpack and a three-foot length of 4-inch PVC pipe, containing fishing poles and reels. It amazes me that he can fit it all in […]

Dude, Help Me Get My Car Back?

It's a Saturday afternoon and I’m driving the few miles from the Budget Motel to the Marin Vehicle Pound in Corte Madera. Faux Jay and Silent Bob are in the back of my cab reeking of pot. They need to get their car back. These two stoners had it impounded the day before by the […]